The Cafe

Feeling good starts with nourishing your body the right way.

Build a better mind + body


Then join us for breakfast and nourishing house salads made with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

Or discover our range of delicious shakes and juices all carefully selected to give you that pre or post workout performance and recovery boost.


Whether you are looking to give yourself a burst of pre-workout energy, want to rehydrate your body after an intense class, or simply looking to socialise with fellow members,

Our Juice Bar offers a host of healthy food and drink options. From light meals and smoothies to juices and shakes, our freshly made menu has been uniquely developed to provide optimal nutritional benefits for you to enjoy throughout the day.


Share some food, have a coffee or just sit & be. Simple but nourishing, feel-good food and beverages to give you an extra health kick, when you need it most.


CBD, Superfood Blends, Multivitamins.

For the past 3 years, we’ve carefully developed supplements for the mind & body that help to give you an extra edge on your way to hitting your goals.

Our self-care boutique is available both in-house and online.