Your questions, our answers

Last updated: 24/09/2022

Do you provide Towels & Lockers?

Lockers are provided to store your personal belongings whilst training. These are combination lockers so you do not need to bring a padlock. We do not provide towels at this time.

If you are tired of having to lug the old gym bag to work each day, permanent lockers are available to hire (subject to availability). Please speak to reception to find out about locker availability.


What equipment do you have?

We have a large selection of cardio machines, free weights and resistance training equipment. We have best in-class gym equipment – Life Fitness, Eleiko and Concept2. We also have an Infrared Sauna available to hire in hourly blocks.

Is Treed Fitness air-conditioned?

Yes, our gym floor and private studio are fully air-conditioned.


Can I delay my membership start date?

Of course, just let us know when you sign up the first day you want to start your membership

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes, you can change your membership package at any time. Just speak with someone at the front desk and they can help you choose the type of membership that’s right for your needs.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes! To request a freeze please contact the reception team. A membership can be frozen at £10 per month, and for a maximum of 6 months at any one time. To freeze your membership we would require written notice by the 20th day of the month prior to the freeze start date and the freeze period must always start on the 1st day of a month.

Treed Fitness will freeze free of charge if a member is sick, injured or pregnant (medical proof will be required). The notice period as well as the freeze length can be adjusted according to the medical needs. Freeze periods will not count towards a Member’s contractual term, and will extend any applicable minimum term by the number of frozen months taken. Membership may not be frozen during the notice period of cancellation.


Why am I being asked to pay before Treed Fitness has opened?

This is to secure your membership at our fantastic early bird offer. Your first payment will hold your membership for you, and you won’t be charged again until one month after Treed Fitness opens.

What happens if one of my payments fails?

If a payment fails, we will attempt to recollect it again 3 days later. If the second attempt also fails, your membership is terminated.

When will my first payment be taken?

Your first payment is taken right away. Subsequent payments are taken on the same date each month thereafter.


What do I do if I feel unwell?

If you are unwell, symptomatic or have tested positive for coronavirus, do not attend Treed Fitness and follow government regulation on isolating for the minimum period of time, and only return after this minimum period if you are feeling well again.

What if the cleaning products in Treed Fitness Group are running low?

Our gym managers are regularly checking the stocks of all our cleaning products to ensure they are constantly topped up. If however you do notice anything missing or running low, please let a member of staff on site know so that they can ensure it is restocked.

What are you doing to keep the equipment and facilities clean?

We are working hard to ensure that our hygiene standards are kept to an exceptional level. As part of these efforts we have stepped up the frequency of our gym equipment being cleaned and on top of this, ensure that each evening a deep clean is done across the entire facility. We have also put in place cleaning stations throughout our gyms and we ask that members use these to wipe down any equipment after use. Should you have any concerns over the cleanliness of our equipment or facilities, please speak to a member of staff on site who will happily ensure that any issues are sorted.


What do I do if I have a complaint?

Whilst we hope that there won’t be anything to cause you to complain, we understand that occasionally there might be issues that need to be addressed. This is why we have a dedicated complaints email, as well as a complaints process that ensures that your complaint or concern is investigated and dealt with fairly and correctly.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, it might be best to raise this directly with the management team on site so that they can discuss, fully understand and look to resolve any issues you might have. Alternatively, you can email us at hello@treedfitness.com and we will look to process it against our complaints procedure.

What does Treed Fitness do when I raise a complaint?

When we receive a complaint, we look to understand what the issue is, and who the best team to deal with that is. We then let you know what we are going to do, and keep you updated so you know that we are working on a resolution.

Depending on the nature of the complaint, and how this was raised to us, this might be verbally communicated, or done so via email. We treat every complaint seriously, and ensure that every outcome is the correct one and follows a full investigation into the matter.

I’ve noticed that I’m in the background of some social media content in Treed Fitness – how can I be removed?

All staff and trainers at Treed Fitness Group receive regular social media guidance and have training on the UK GDPR. Staff and trainers should always follow our social media policy procedures with regards to filming in Treed Fitness. You are within your rights to withdraw consent after giving it (if you have been asked for consent) or to request that the footage is removed if you spot yourself on a social media post and don’t want to be there. Simply direct message the social media account and ask to be removed.



We’ve answered most of our common queries in the FAQs, but if you still can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us by chat or email hey@treedfitness.com